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Gas and Electric Appliance Repair

Commercial Restaurant Services Inc. offers a wide variety of both gas and electric appliance repair services.

We repair any Make/Model of your kitchen equipment!

Southbend, Wolf, Vulcan Hart, Pitco, Accutemp, US Range, Imperial, Frymaster, Lincoln, Montague, and many more

Here is a short list of some our most common equipment repairs


  • Convection ovens
    • My oven vibrates when the fan comes on
      • Fan realignment/blade balancing
    • My temperature does not stay constant or is not where I set it at
      • Thermostat calibration/replacement - we can often save you a large amount of money by simply recalibrating your oven rather than replacing the control
    • My pilot light/oven burners will not stay lite
      • Possible flame sensing problem or failing safety valve


  • Cheesemelters
    • Electric Element Type - My glass elements do not get hot enough
      • If one element burns out then the other ones will not function properly due to incorrect system resistance totals
    • Electric Element Type - The unit operation will not work (ex: when placing food on the rack the elements do not automatically start warming)
      • Due to high temperature around the unit, the contactor inside the unit  will burn out and need replacement
    • Gas Infrared Type - The top of the cheesemelter does not all get hot evenly
      • The distribution block on the roof of the unit (the area which glows red) will need to be replaced. It is usually cost effective to replace the block rather than buy a new unit.

  • Range stove (any amount of burners)
    • My pilot light will not stay lite
      • Often pilots become clogged with grease and debris and must be changed for new
    • My burner flame is uncontrollable and yellow
      • We can adjust the air:gas ratio of you burners combustion to calibrate your burner height, color, and temperature
      • Often different size gas control orifices need to be used due to use of Propane or Natural Gas, elevation, or being dirty
    • My burner On/Off knobs are hard to turn or leak gas
    • A simple fix is to replace the burner valve assembly itself


  • Griddles
    • My top plate is cracking/cracked
      • It is usually more cost effective to buy a new griddle than replace the top plate
  • Char-broilers
    • My burners do not stay at even temperatures/Pilot will not light
      • Due to average heavy debris and grease drippings the main burners or pilots can become clogged and no longer allow gas to pass through.
  • Steamers
    • My steamer has trouble filling up, the water evaporates too fast when steaming, or the water does not get hot enough
      • Steamers require consistent maintenance due to the fact that hard hot water runs through the unit, and as it does such leaves lime residue behind inside the pipes and on the heating elements. This often leads to water flow and heating problems. This can be solved by letting CRS "de-lime" your steamers and other water products once every 90 days


  • Fryers
    • Oil will not heat to desired temp
      • Thermostat needs to be recalibrated or replaced depending on model
    • Unit shuts down and will not start back up for several minutes
      • Hi-Limit switch may be tripping due to faulty switch or oil temp exceeding 450 degrees
  • Pizza deck ovens
    • We stock a full line of NSF hi-temp pizza deck oven parts, it is important to understand hi-temp boundaries when working with units such as deck ovens or infrared charbroilers because poor quality parts can fail under such extreme heat conditions. You can trust that each of our technicians fully understand the procedures necessary to repair your unit the right way.
  • Alto-Sham Cook n' Hold products Edit Text
  • Many Many More!