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Industrial/Commercial Refrigeration Service
CRS, INC. is a leading refrigeration service provider in Sacramento and surrounding areas, from Davis to Tahoe.
We service ALL make/model of refrigeration systems,
Walk-in boxes, prep tables, reach-in units, cooks line undercounter drawers/cabniets, pan chillers, or even boiler/chiller systems.
For our Planned Maintenance Customers: 
Often when calling for service, a service company will bill you for 2 things before even arriving at the job site.
1. Travel Time - This charge is based on the time that it takes for the technician to leave his last job and travel to you. You pay the company's regular billable rate for this said time. For example, Service Company X charges $90.00/hr, and it takes their technician 30 minutes to reach your location. That is $45.00 extra added onto your bill
2. Trip Charge - This cost is based on the amount of miles the technician must travel from his last job to yours. Often charges of .80 cents a mile are normal. Continuing with our example, a 30 minute travel is about 30 miles. 30 miles x .80 = $24.00
From our example we can see a $70.00 up-charge on your bill, on average, just to get a technician out to your facility. Here at CRS, INC. there is no such charge.
This fact has made us an invaluable asset to many of our customers who often were forced to pay charges between $70 - $200 just to have a service company send a technician to drive to their location. In plain terms, calling CRS for your refrigeration needs will save you between $70 - $200 right off the bat!

Planned Maintainence
Many expensive air conditioning and refrigeration repairs are caused by lack of proper maintenance and service. Unserviced equipment breaks down when your business needs it most - during a heat wave or cold snap. Planned service reduces the number of emergency calls by revealing potential problems that can be corrected inexpensively, reducing major repairs and equipment replacement.

A Service Agreement with CRS Inc guarantees rapid quality service 24 hours a day, assuring you that you will never be left out in the cold, and gives you the following benefits:

Peace of mind through maintenance. Automatic periodic inspection, lubrication, adjustments, safety testing and cleaning of your heating and cooling system keeps it running at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble. Completed checklist provided after each inspection call.

Our staff of experts is at your service 24 hours a day, caring for your equipment and its performance. We "worry" so you don't! We work with you to schedule your service calls when convenient.

Preferred Treatment is offered to our clients who have service contracts. Planned Service increases system reliability, but should you need emergency service, our service contracts entitle you to preferential treatment.

Lower Utility Costs are another result of proper maintenance. Study results show that a service maintenance program can save a significant amount on your monthly cooling bill. Heating systems will benefit as well.